Likhathimodi motivational speaking and Life Coaching - Develops individuals and communities by empowering them to realise their potential, and to apply positive activism in transforming livelihood. This is – “Where passion meets purpose”.



understanding and knowing who you are; your identity; realizing the power within and learning the process to release the greater you.


realizing the resources around you. Acknowledging unlimited support from family; friends; neighbours and the community to allow you to become. Discovering your spiritual gifts, special talents, likes and the creative you.


knowledge that you can do all things; you are able; you can conquer. Eliminating negative energy and realizing that the word “CAN’T” doesn’t exists. Realizing capabilities and spirituality.


Lindiwe Monamodi is currently the director of LIKHATHIMODI MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING AND LIFE COACHING. The name derives from the combination of her name and surname; thus reading as LIKHATHIMODI. Lindiwe started her passion to motivate people voluntarily since 2001 working with local schools motivating grade 12 learners for exam readiness and inspiring learners for excellence. She volunteered coaching NGO on interpersonal skills to assist with everyday management of their organisation.

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